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Automobiles For Sale In Marinette, Wisconsin

If you reside in Marinette, Wisconsin or Menominee, Michigan and are seeking for a employed or new car you have possibly wondered which dealership is most effective for you. I've took the leisure of performing the homework for you and will inform you about some of the extra common dealerships in the region and the game each and every one particular plays with its prospects.

The Motor Organization

The Motor Organization in Marinette claims they are a no-stress friendly dealership, positive you could not get attacked by a sales agent when driving by means of the lot, but as quickly as you go by means of these doors prepare to get your boxing gloves on. From what I've observed in the previous handful of years they have a higher turnover price on sales agents and the new ones that come in are aggressive negotiators and use stress techniques that are uncommon for most dealerships in the region, mostly aimed and creating you really feel poor about your trade-in.

The car pricing on their lot is possibly the lowest in the region at the time of the report and they will not hesitate to value an undesirable car close to what they paid for it if it does not sell proper away. Nevertheless, if you have a trade-in like two out of each and every three prospects, this is not the location to take it. The cause they are capable to sell vehicles at fantastic costs is simply because they get them from prospects at fantastic costs.

Gustman's Automotive

Gustman's Automotive in Marinette has offered me the most pleasurable salesman expertise I've ever encountered. They are a smaller sized Chevy dealership and you will not come across lots of discounts right here. Most of their cars are marked at complete value or a slight reduction in value and if your trade-in is not one particular they are going to maintain on the lot to resell you will get ripped on trade-in worth. It really is a extremely good dealership but prepare to negotiate if you want a superior deal.

Riverside Auto Sales

Riverside Auto Sales appears to have a lack of educated sales agents. From the occasions I've went there I've been left with either awkward silences or possessing my queries answered by them reading me the car facts sheet to me. Their car pricing is fairly typical and I've never ever in fact attempted to full a transaction right here simply because I was scared off from the inexperienced sales agents.

Lindner & Sorenson

Lindner and Sorenson is positioned in Menominee Michigan and as opposed to the above 3 dealerships these guys mostly deal in employed cars. The sales employees is produced up of veteran old-timers and if you are a young purchaser you will really feel fairly awkward going into this atmosphere. The most effective news is, this is the location to take your trade-in you will come across the most effective values in the whole region right here for trade-ins. You will not get as fantastic a deal off the retail pricing of their cars but think me when I say the trade-in worth they give you extra than tends to make up for it. If you owe a lot extra on your trade-in then the other guys are prepared to give you then attempt right here, you will save extra funds.


The above listed four dealerships are the major dealerships that you will possibly finish up going to if you are seeking for a new or employed car in Menominee Michigan or Marinette Wisconson. Armed with the facts above and your personal investigation and know-how you should really be capable to make a intelligent selection about exactly where to start out your car hunting.

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